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Amy Martino


Credentialed Nanny

Child Advocate

Advanced Newborn Care Specialist

Postpartum Doula

Lactation Educator

Gottman Certified Bringing Baby Home Educator

Child Whisperer

Nanny & Family Mediation

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manners: Raising compassionate children begins with simple manners.  Teaching manners begins with parents modeling this in their daily conversations with each other, their friends, and family.  Please and thank you are just the basics (albeit, important) Helping young children recognize and express empathy is paramount.  For some children, this is natural. For others, it must be brought to their attention and talked through, to help them understand the need for empathy.  If you start all this in the first year, you’ll have a child who truly feels for others, and is genuinely polite and caring.  I will offer you specific methods for teaching your child based around his or her unique personality traits.