INCREDIBLE PARENTING RESOURCE!!! I don’t even know where to start.  They say kids don’t come a they do! Hahah! That’s what I felt like I was getting in my session! My mind was totally blown. She described each child I have perfectly and exactly. She gave me practical tools to implement more harmony and ease with each of their personalities based on their charts. So surreal. I’m in such gratitude and bliss that I found another useful, practical yet metaphysically empowered way to support my little star babies on their journey here!

S.W. Seattle, WA

Amy is amazing (Amazing Amy)! I was desperate for help when my second child turned 3 months and seemed to have hit the 4 month sleep regression early. She was waking up 30-45 mins into every nap and at night it was taking me almost two hours to get her down. So I had reverted to letting her nap on me and gave up my evenings to get her to sleep. I knew this wasn't sustainable for me and that she wasn't getting the kind of rest she needed. Amy developed a custom plan for my baby and she came over to see how our bedtime routine was going. That night we removed all sleep props (no nursing to sleep, no rocking to sleep, no sleeping in the Rock & Play), we went to the crib, in a Merlin Magic Suit, and got my baby to fall asleep on her own with one check after 5 minutes of fussing. I was stunned!! Amy knew what to do, was supportive of what my goals were, and was there with me that first evening to make the changes we needed to make. She also checked in with me over the following days to offer additional support for naps and other other questions I had. My baby has been sleeping so well on her own since then! She wakes up happy :) Amy gave me the information, support, and confidence to gently coach my baby into sleeping on her own, which gives her the rest she needs and I can now actually spend time with my other child in the evening! Thanks so much Amy!! I will recommend you to anyone looking for baby sleep advice!!

A.J.  Seattle, WA

"Amy is a true child whisperer. She has helped our family navigate many a difficult period, from getting our younger child into a healthier nap/sleep routine to strengthening our older one's emotional well-being. As an experienced caregiver and a fantastic mother herself, she has taught us to parent with the long run in mind - how we can make our daily choices build up into a healthy future for our girls."

I.N. Seattle, WA

"Our little one had never been a great napper but around three months he decided to completely stop napping and wake up every couple of hours at night as well. We spent weeks reading, researching and trying everything we could think of but nothing seemed to help. Finally a friend recommended Amy's help and I only wish we had contacted her sooner! We filled her in on his typical day and after meeting us in person, she gave us straightforward advice and developed an adaptable schedule that worked almost immediately. Seriously, it was like night and day from before! With calm patience, she gave us all the confidence we needed to get back in balance... I can't recommend her enough."

R.W. Seattle, WA

“I was having a difficult time with my infant daughter when I reached out to Amy. The information she provided was amazing! I loved it! I read through everything at least three times! She offered insights that mean so much to me, and I now understand ways I can build a deeper, more loving relationship with my daughter. After messaging with Amy, I had an overwhelming sense of peace. I can't thank her enough for that!”

M. E. Santa Rosa, CA

"Amy is great! I learned so much about my child and everything she said makes so much sense to me now! I now know what my child needs! Thank you so much for all your help! I can better understand the how and why of my child and his actions and what I need to do to better handle situations! It's so nice to have a deeper understanding of him. Mind blown!

I highly recommend Amy!" 

C.I. Hendersonville, TN

“What Amy has provided to me and my family is something that is hard to describe in words, as this was one of the best things next to having my daughter. As I read what Amy had prepared for me I cried like a baby.  My daughter was everything I had ever dreamed about. Everything I read made sense, and prepared me for the days ahead. So far Amy is spot on. Thank you so much Amy for everything!  

We will always be using your services!”  

K. P.  Mill Creek, WA

"Amy taught our family many things - things that look simple on paper but were true revelations in practice. We laughed at first when she said “[Your son] and I talked about it,” when we asked how she convinced our son to do/try/eat/express certain things, but then we realized we were underestimating our son's intelligence and capabilities, and ourselves. Amy gave us tools (specific word and approaches, as well as a different mindset) that transformed our communication with our child (and our confidence as parents). Amy also helped us with positive discipline - the magical balance between loving and firm, which helped us shake several behaviors and habits that stressed our family dynamic. Amy is an angel in a coal mine."

C.T. Seattle, WA


Amy Martino

Holistic Sleep Coach

New Parent Educator (CAPPA)

Credentialed Nanny (INA)

Child Advocate (UA)

Certified Newborn Care Specialist (CACHE)

Postpartum Doula (CAPPA)

Lactation Educator (CAPPA)

Advanced Working with Multiples (CAPPA)

Gottman Certified Bringing Baby Home Educator

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