I'm Amy Martino (she, her)

It feels odd to introduce myself so formally. These are the names I'm usually answering to:  As a nanny, I go by 'MeMe' (easier to say than Amy). My parents nicknamed me 'MeMe-Do' because I wanted to do everything myself (stubborn Taurus!) To my son, I am Goo (why though?) My brothers call me Sis. To my hubby of over thirty years I am still Amy...unless "Dammit, Amy!" counts as a pet name.

A country girl at heart, I grew up in a small town in Ohio. It's a speck on the map called Lake Mohawk.  Such an amazing place to grow up.  When I moved to Seattle, it oddly felt like I had come home.  Looking out over Puget Sound, seeing hills and mountains makes me feel small again and in awe of this big world, like the lake did when I was young. 

I was raised in a happy, loving home with my parents, three older brothers, tons of pets, and countless foster siblings.  My parents were both educators, like their parents before them.  Mom ran a preschool while Dad taught Biology and was the local Naturalist. They were also ordained Presbyterian ministers (they attended Pittsburgh Seminary with Fred Rogers!). Dad preached every Sunday at two different local churches while I helped Mom in the nurseries (I was always content to hold the babies).  I watched and learned as they cared for our family and community...basically everyone and everything that needed cared for! They were way ahead of their time. 

I was free to be me.  Imaginative, stubborn, psychic and intuitive...in-tune with nature, animals and people, especially children. My intuition and instinct to care for all living things, was understood and embraced by my family, no matter what. I feel truly blessed to have had such an amazing childhood.

I say all this because childhood has a massive impact...right down to our genes!  How you parent your child today effects generations to come.

Following similarly in the footsteps of my parents, my mission as a Holistic Sleep and Parenting Coach, has been to provide the tools and guidance needed to empower families to overcome their particular family wellness challenges. The most common of these being sleep and behavior.  My extensive experience and continued education means that I'm fully equipped to guide, support and assist you and your family in achieving the outcome you desire.

Perfect parenting is unattainable, but peaceful parenting is absolutely possible!

So, whether your goal is breast-sleeping, co-sleeping, bed sharing, separate sleeping, or successful, kind connective parenting, my goal will be to educate and support you with utmost consideration for upholding realistic safe sleep standards and attachment parenting styles, through respectful parenting and evidence based sleep strategies.   

As a Holistic Sleep and Parenting Coach, I aim to gain your trust as we work together to develop a customized plan that is effective and fits your family's lifestyle. As a child astrologist, I will help you understand your child's wants and needs as well as their temperament.

Every child, every parent, every family is as unique as a snowflake.  I do not offer 'one size fits all' sleep or parenting advice. You will be met where you are in your journey without judgement.   Together we will bring harmony to your home.

Helping families is my passion!